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Become a Cross Care NDIS Clinic  

Don't wait 12-24 months to be registered for NDIS and operate an NDIS Clinic!

Join Cross Care Program and have access to all NDIS Clientele regardless if they are agency managed, plan-managed and self-managed.

Cross Care has access to over 10,000+ Referrars and provides therapy to clients nationwide in Australia to all states.

Clients & referrers come to Cross Care for its reputation and quality of service. Being an NDIS Certified Registered Provider means the clients and referrers have peace of mind knowing that Cross Care is  aware of the NDIS Guidelines & Regulations  

NDIS Access

Cross Care allows you to provide NDIS Health Services Nationwide to any state in Australia.

You will have access to our NDIS registration and have access to thousands of clients right away without the need to file your own NDIS registration and wait for 12-24 month

NDIS Services 

Being one of the most reputable NDIS Clinics in the industry - you are joining one of the fastest-growing Clinics!

You will have access to providing the following Services:

  • Occupational therapy 

  • Speech Pathology 

  • Psychology 

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Podiatry 

  • Dietetics & Nutrition 

  • Behavioural Therapy 

  • NDIS Home Modification 


Cross Care will Provide you with: 

  • The 'know-how' of operating a successful NDIS Health Clinic 

  • Access to thousands of clients through the NDIS

  • Access to over 10,000 Referraers and other providers Nationwide

  • Policies and Procedures​

  • Billing & Claiming Process

For a confidential chat including Pricing please contact us 

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