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Franchise  your own Clinic with Cross Care 

Multi-Award-Winning recognised brand

5 Locations to choose from

Why wait 12-24 months to receive your NDIS Registration when you can access over 10,000+ Referrars and Thousands of clients by having your very own multi-award-winning Cross Care Clinic Today? You will have the ability to provide services nationwide to every state in Australia unrestricted. You will have the luxury of joining an already established, already certified, already reputable Brand with ongoing referrals, clientele & Support

Cross Care offers the convenience of being an already established, already registered already NDIS Certified Clinic. 

Whether you are already a therapist or simply an entrepreneur looking to have your own NDIS Clinic - Cross Care has you covered with our onboarding program and ongoing support to run, operate and grow your very own Super Clinic

Advantages of franchising

It’s a growing sector 


 You’re buying a proven formula – a lot of the hard work is already done


There’s built-in support – help is just a phone call away

 Brand power – people already know what your business can offer them

You can still be your own boss –you get independence and support

You’ll receive thorough training –you don’t have to figure out everything on your own


You get a head start – you don’t have to do all the groundwork


Minimised risk – it’s tried and tested, and the business model is sound


You’re not alone – there’s always someone there to help you through the tough bits

  • Tested model. All the hard work creating processes, pricing, procedures, products and services has already been done by someone else. Generally, this can help you avoid making expensive mistakes as you’re following tried and tested systems. It also means you can hit the ground running as soon as you enter the business and don’t need to spend time figuring out the best way to do everything

  • Brand recognition. Joining a well-known brand means your business will have brand awareness from day one. Having an established reputation, even if you launch in a new location can be a huge advantage. Big brands also tend to bring a strong customer following, so you can have business in the door from day one.

NDIS Access

Immediate access to thousands of clients on the NDIS and over 10,000 Referrars Nationwide.

Cross Care will provide:

  • Training

  • Support

  • Marketing

  • Client Generation 

  • Therapist Employment 

Approved to Provide

You will automatically be approved to provide NDIS Health Services Nationwide to very state in Australia right away!

  • Occupational Therapy 

  • Speech Pathology 

  • Psychology 

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Podiatry 

  • Behavioural Therapy 

  • Nutrition & Dietetics

  • NDIS Home Modification 


Cross Care will provide you with the following

  • Immediate registration 

  • Access to over 10,000 Referrers

  • Access to thousands of clients on the NDIS

  • Ongoing Marketing 

  • Policies and Procedures 

  • Ongoing support 

  • Assessments and Templates 

  • Recruitment on demand/ HR 

  • Bookkeeping including claiming and invoicing

  • The audit Cycle automatically done

For a confidential chat on how to own your very own Cross Care Super Clinic please contact us 

Call 1800 CROSS CARE 
(02) 874 1888

Speak with Riva 
our Franchise Specialist 

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