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FAQ - Frequently asked questions 

Do you provide medicare services?
Yes! here at Cross Care we provide Medicare services, NDIS, Aged Care and WorkCover

Im not on NDIS can i still use your services?
Yes! here at Cross Care we provide our services to anyone whether they are have an NDIS plan or not! Call us to book!

Do you provide TeleHealth?
Yes! here at Cross Care we provide Telehealth services - not sure what TeleHealth is? click HERE to find out more 

Do you provide home visits?
Yes! here at Cross Care we have a dedicated mobile therapists who travel to your home/residence and perform the treatment in the comfort of your own space 

Do you have both male and female therapists?
Yes! we have both male and female therapists who are available to provide assessment and treatment. Please ask us if you prefer a specific therapist for your service. 

Do you provide service to both children and  adults?

Yes! we provide assessment and treatment of both children and adults, ask us to see if we have the right therapist for your needs!

I live far, will you be able to travel to my area for treatment?
By having a dedicated mobile team of therapist we can reach more places and cut down on travel costs as we don't have to travel from a set clinic location 

you have an actual clinic we can come to?
Yes! Cross Care NDIS has 3 partner clinics in Sydney, assuring that you're never too far from a clinic near you      and if in doubt we can always come to you!

My English is not great, do you have therapist with a second language?
Yes! Our therapists are kind and caring and understand that we are all different with different background and that is why we have hired a team from various backgrounds and cultures to assist with language barriers. Ask us to see if we have a therapist that speaks your language!

Not only that but we also have partnered up with TIS which is a free translating and interpreting service that is completely FREE to you! Click HERE to find out more

I'm only self managed, can i still use your services?
Yes! absolutely, we look after all participants whether they are self managed, with a support coordinator or a plan manager! Cross Care NDIS is here to help 

How much do you cost?
We follow the standard NDIS rate - we offer our premium services using the NDIS standard recommended price guide. Click HERE to see the NDIS price guide - If you are a not NDIS participant we have special private rates for you - Call us to find out more

How much do you charge for travel?
Having a dedicated team of mobile therapist ready to come to wherever you are Sydney wide means we could be travelling a long distance to get to you. However don't worry, regardless of your location we only charge a maximum of 20 minutes*  of travel even if you live further away - *(unless its a return trip then its 40 minutes) click HERE to find our about the NDIS Price guide 

Do you accept private healthcare funds?
Yes absolutely! Having a Super Clinic in Smithfield means we can accept medicare and private health referrals anytime :)

Where is your main head office and Super Clinic?
Our Main head office and suer clinic is located at Smithfield - Unit 3, 727 The Horsley Drive Smithfield. Click HERE for Direction 

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