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Cross Care Telehealth 

Did you know you can have your service conducted via Telehealth?

Cross Care Conducts TeleHealth Services Australia Wide Wherever you are! This means that if you live anywhere in Australia and have access to a computer or phone you can have your regular session done just like if it was Face-to-face

What is TeleHealth?

cross care telehealth available
cross care telehealth available
cross care telehealth available

TeleHealth is your regular services conducted online via a visual and audio platform such as Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Google calls or similar platforms 

This occurs when the therapist and the participant see and hear each other as though they were together in real life. It's simple.

So you can have your normal session happen in the comfort of your own home! how good is that?! 

What services can be performed on TeleHealth?

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